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This Is A MUST HAVE For  Every Person Who Carries and Uses Handcuffs and any Trainer, Manager, Inspector Who Is Expected To Train, Manage, Provide Guidance on, Investigate And Even Discipline Staff Who Use Handcuffs and Other Forms of Mechanical/Restraining Devices In The Workplace
NFPS Level 3 Award In 
Understanding The Law & Guidance On The Use of Handcuffs and Mechanical Restraint Devices  

Including A NFPS Level 3 Certificate in Understanding The Law & Guidance On The Use of Handcuffs & Mechanical Restraint Devices  

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And Here Are Just Some of The of The Benefits You Will Receive When You Do This Online Course ...

Understand The Law of Reasonable Force

Understand the law and guidance in relation to the use of Handcuffs & Mechanic Restraint Devices.

Understand Health & Safety Legislation

Learn how health & safety legislation applies with regards to the carriage and use of Handcuffs. 

The Benefits of Handcuffing 

Learn about how handcuffs can actually reduce risk to staff and others and even save lives. 

Great Evidence of CPD: 

This course provides you with excellent CPD if you who need to evidence a certain number of CPD hours per year.. 

BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate 1

Gain a BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate in Legal & Practical Contexts Of Self-Defence.

BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate 2

Gain another BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate in Risk Management & Assessment.

FREE Risk Assessment Course 

FREE Bonus - Access to Our Online NFPS Level 3 Risk Assessment Award Course. 

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Here's The Problem ...

There is a lot of myth and misconception regarding the lawful carriage and use of handcuffs, which not only results in people being unfairly challenged, but can also lead to an increased risk of injury, possibly even death, if handcuffs and other forms of mechanical devices are prohibited from use.

This in turn leads to an increased risk of liability for the organisation (and possibly even the manager/director concerned) if a serious injury or death occurs that wouldn't have occurred had the use of handcuffs and/or other mechanical devices have been used. 
Then there is the other side of the coin. 

We've all seen the death of George Floyd and the other related items that have been in the news, including the news that Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, has now launched a review into police handcuffing practices after the athlete Bianca Williams and her partner were stopped in her vehicle and subsequently handcuffed. 
Also, a recent report by HM Inspectorate of Prisons report noted that children, are still being routinely handcuffed in custody in a practice described as "inappropriate and very concerning" and that custody staff received little or no training in dealing with children, who were largely treated as adults.

This is again why this course is so important.
And let us not forget the tragic death of Linda Barwell who was a  custody officer working for Serco who died after being kicked in the head by Humphrey Burke, a prisoner she was escorting to court.

The Old Bailey jury decided unanimously that Humphrey Burke, 23, caused "catastrophic" brain injuries to Lorraine Barwell, but he has been assessed as unfit to plead to murder due to mental illness. and is now residing at Broadmoor secure hospital.

Linda Barwell's family are apparently now pursuing an action against SERCO on the basis that her death at work was a breach of Article 2(1) of The Human Rights Act and the Health & Safety Executive are also conducting their own investigation, which is still ongoing.

This Course Is The Solution - Check Out The Resources!

Gain a NFPS Level 3 Certificate in Understanding The Law & Guidance On The Use of Handcuffs & Mechanical Restraint Devices

This course comes with a NFPS Level 3 Certificate in 'Understanding The Law & Guidance on The Use of Handcuffs & Mechanical Restraint Devices' and because the course is all online there is no need to attend any face-to-face training.

This Training would be ideal for you if you are someone who:

  • Is currently a Handcuff Trainer and wants some more excellent cpd certification;
  • Responsible for the management of staff who use handcuffs in the workplace;
  • ​Is responsible for investigating any incidents in the workplace that may involve handcuffs;
  • ​An Inspector responsible for inspecting organisations against their specific regulatory standards. 
  • ​Is looking to become a Handcuff Trainer (this course will teach you what you need to know).

The Law Requires You To Be Competent

Qualifications are nice to have, but competence is a legal requirement. That is what you may be asked to prove in a court of law or in an investigation if you are challenged for using handcuffs or for the advice and training that you may have given to someone else who has used handcuffs after being trained or authorised (in the workplace) by you.


"A competent person is someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities that allow them to assist you properly. The level of competence required will depend on the complexity of the situation and the particular help you need."


In the case of Skibs v. Gibson 1964 a competent person was viewed in case law as:

The possession of sufficient knowledge, experience and skill to enable the person to know what he or she is doing and to be able to carry out a task in the way in which a person competent in the activity would expect it to be done and to have an appreciation of one’s own limitations."

Therefore to ensure that you can evidence competence if required to do so, to avoid any unnecessary legal action against you or if you are being challenged in an internal investigation or an industrial tribunal for something you did or someone else trained by you did or if being sued for damages for an incompetent or illegitimate decision made due to lack of knowledge and understanding, this course is a MUST HAVE.

It's better than any insurance policy you may have because your insurance possibly won't pay out if you give legally incorrect (negligent) advice, guidance and training.

Here Are A Summary of The Benefits That You Will Receive When You Decide To Do This Course ... 

Legally Accurate and Defensible You can be safe in the knowledge that the knowledge and information that you will receive is possibly the most legally accurate and defensible of it's kind in the UK today, because you will learn about the law and guidance in relation to the use of handcuffs and mechanical restraint devices. 
Health & Safety Legislation: Learn about how Health & Safety legislation applies with regards to the carriage and use of handcuffs in the workplace. 

The Benefits of Handcuffing: Learn about the medical implications of handcuffing and how handcuffs can actually reduce risk to staff and others and even save lives. 

BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate 1: Gain a BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate in the Legal & Practical Contexts Of Self-Defence. whilst gaining a broad and in-depth overview of UK statute and common law, with regard to the understanding or reasonable force. This is particularly important with regard to providing legally accurate instruction when providing use of force instruction and forms an important part of the instructors level of competence and underpinning professional knowledge 
BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate 2: Gain another BTEC Level 3 Unit Certificate in Risk Management & Assessment which includes demonstrating an understanding of how the various elements of Health and Safety legislations apply when planning and delivering use of force training and in the strategic operational use of force, particularly in areas of safety, health, welfare and negligence as well as the risk of serious injury and death associated with physical restraint and aims to provide guidance on how to reduce those risks.  

Great Evidence of CPD: This course provides you with excellent CPD if you who need to evidence a certain number of CPD hours per year. We estimate that this course (due to the amount of content and value contained in it) equates to at least 20 hours of Continual Professional Development for you, so it is definitely worth doing.  

100% No Quibble - Money Back Guarantee: If you are in any way disappointed or dissatisfied we guarantee to give you 100% of your investment back - no questions asked. Therefore, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We take all the risk for you.

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Why Do This Course With Us? 

This is probably the most competent course of it's kind for this specific subject matter available and you will not get another course like this one anywhere. 

The benefits of you doing this course is that you will increase your knowledge on the subject of the lawful use of handcuffs and restraint equipment and become more competent in your understanding of how the various laws and guidance that apply.

What Are The Drawbacks of Not Doing This Course? 

By not doing this course you may not be able to evidence your understanding of this subject.

You may also not know whether what you are saying, advising or recommending is legally correct, which can leave you open to a legal challenge possibly many years down the line. 

How can you state that you are competent and more importantly evidence that fact if challenged to do so by a Freedom of Information request or possibly even in a Court of law?

How will you know if the decisions you are making and the advice, guidance and/or recommendations you are giving are actually reducing the risk when they may in fact be increasing it? That leave you very culpable and liable.

And it's not just you. 

If you are acting as an employed agent of an organisation you could be creating a liability for your organisation, which if it result in a serious injury and/or death could mean a major fine for your organisation, prosecution under various Acts of Parliament, a possible prison sentence for you and or another senior manager or director and the end of your career, because who would want to employ someone who had made that decision? 

But most importantly, what about the personal cost to the people who could be directly and indirectly affected by your lack of competence, who run the risk of being assaulted at work and the service users who may be at increased risk of unnecessary injury or death as a result.

Then there are the indirect costs that brings in terms of increased mental health and staff welfare issues leading to increased rates of absenteeism and staff turn-over, increased time and management costs in trying to resolve these issues, increased litigation and legal fees, legal challenges and industrial tribunals. 

So I have one question for you. Why wouldn't you do this course? 

Your Investment For All This is Only £147 + Vat 

Your investment in this course is only £147 + vat and if you consider that an average lawyer charges between £300 - £500 an hour for their services you can work out for yourself how much this course is actually worth.

Add to that the increased knowledge, understanding and competence that you will gain and it becomes priceless.

I have been committed to raising standards in this industry now for almost thirty years and in all that time I have never seen anything that comes anywhere near the quality and value that this course provides. 

I also know something else. Successful people take action when an opportunity is presented to them. They are quick to make decisions and that is why they are successful.

Also, from my studies of NLP all the greats (Bandler, Robbins, etc.,) will tell you this: "If you want to be successful, learn from someone who is at the top of their profession. Study what they study, do what they do. Don't copy them or rip off their materials. Get knowledge and wisdom from them, understand their processes, how they think and act and learn about their beliefs and values. If you do that you can't fail."

This course goes a long way to doing that for you and I hope you'll let me join you on your journey.

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